Volunteer Opportunities

Other than the Board of Trustees, all positions within the Village of Saddlebrooke are staffed by volunteers.  This provides residents with the unique opportunity to serve their community and provide support to their neighbors at the same time.  All available positions will be posted here and selections will be made at the next available monthly Trustee meeting.  Submissions should include a brief bio which includes name, address, reason for interest, and related experience (if any) and should be sent to the Village Clerk at village.clerk@saddlebrookevillage.com.  Questions regarding any open position can be directed to the Clerk or one of the Trustees.

Updated 7-28-2021

Board of Adjustment
    Secretary - This is a nonvoting position responsible for preparing agendas, minutes and handling various other paperwork duties.

    Alternates - A list of backup volunteers maintained to allow an open position to be filled quickly.